Specialized care for Hand Scraped, Distressed, Grooved, Parquet, Bamboo,Cork and Laminate floors. 

The Affect of cleaning on your hardwood floors.

Hand Scraped
We refinish hardwood floors without sanding!

First you should have a little background, why would you need to sand a floor? There are several reasons a floor needs to be sanded. Newly installed wood floors need to be sanded to make them flat and smooth. If your floor has a lot of damage including scratches, gouges, stains or faded finish sanding will be needed. If you want to change the color of your floor it will have to be sanded down to bare wood. In the past, if you wanted to apply a new coat of finish to make your floors look like new you had to screen sand the floor to ensure that the new coat of polyurethane will adhere properly.

Re-New Floor Finishing uses systems that were designed for refinishing basketball courts that do not require the floors to be sanded. Two major manufacturers of polyurethane finishes for sports courts designed these refinishing systems. 

Here is how the systems work. The first step is cleaning the floor thoroughly in two separate steps, followed by rinsing the floor well to remove any remaining detergent.  The next step is to apply a base coat of polyurethane that is designed to adhere permanently to the floor and to promote adhesion with the finish coat. Once this coat has dried for an hour, two coats of high quality water based polyurethane are applied within a 24 hour period.

We use this process for several reasons:

There is no sanding required and therefore no dust. 

Water based finishes dry quickly so that you can begin using your floor faster. (Water based is NOT latex!) 

Water based finish cures to a more scratch resistant hardness than other polyurethane finishes. 

There is no bad smell. 

Laminate Floors also require special care. These floors are susceptible to water damage. Cleaning Laminate wood floors requires special procedures.  They must be cleaned with special machines and cleaners and require very special finish products to prevent buildup and delaminating. We can return your laminate floors to their previous glory!


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