Specialized care for Hand Scraped, Distressed, Grooved, Parquet, Bamboo,Cork and Laminate floors. 

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The Affect of cleaning on your hardwood floors.

Hand Scraped

Re-New your floor! No sanding required!

Re-New Floor Finishing is a service company built from the desire to provide an environmentally safe service to homeowners and businesses that have hardwood floors that require maintenance and refinishing. New technology created by leaders in the hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing business makes this possible. We offer services that will allow your hardwood, cork, and laminate floors to be cleaned, refreshed or refinished without sanding, noxious fumes or dust. The products that we use to care for your floors are all approved by GreenGuard.

Your hardwood floors are one of the most significant investments in your home. If your hardwood floors are Hand Scraped, Distressed, Deeply Grooved, Parquet, Bamboo or Cork, they require special care. These types of floors cannot be sanded without damaging the character of your interior design.

We are specialists at cleaning hardwood floors in Greensboro and hardwood floor finishing.  We use a Bona PowerScrubber and Bona Hardwood floor cleaners to scrub your floor clean! We can refresh your floor with a maintenance coat of urethane finish which will last up to one year (a great service for home sellers) or we can refinish your floors with a coat of polyurethane that will typically last from 5 to 7 years. We are your source for Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Greensboro, North Carolina and the surrounding area.

Do your floors look milky or cloudy? These symptoms may indicate that your floor has a buildup of vegetable based floor cleaner like Murphy's Oil Soap or acrylic polish buildup from products like Mop N' Glow and Orange Glow. We can remove the buildup and restore your floor to its original shine.

With our systems we can clean and refresh your floor, returning the vibrant look it had when it was new. If your floors are dull or have significant wear we can add a new coat of polyurethane to give your floors new life!  We recommend refinishing hardwood, bamboo and cork floors with water based polyurethane. We think this is important for two reasons. Water based finish is perfectly clear so it does not change the appearance of your floor. In addition water based finish creates the best chemical bond to your floor and this virtually eliminates adhesion issues.  If you simply want to change the sheen level, we can refinish your floor with Bona Kemi Traffic or Bona Traffic HD in the sheen of your choice.

Yes, Hardwood floor refinishing is possible without sanding and dust! Your source for floor refinishing in Greensboro, North Carolina and the surrounding area.

Laminate Floors also require special care. These floors are susceptible to water damage. Cleaning Laminate wood floors requires special procedures.  They must be cleaned with special machines and cleaners and require very special finish products to prevent buildup and delaminating. We can return your laminate floors to their previous glory!

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Contact us by Email here.

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